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Ohio Licensed Beverage Association

Fighting for Your Right to Party!

The Ohio Licensed Beverage Association is a membership service organization representing alcohol beverage permit holders in Ohio. The association exists for the protection of its members through a unified effort and the promotion of the liquor industry in Ohio. The OLBA is the professional association for permit holders.

On our site, permit holders and other visitors can

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Owning a tavern, carry-out, or state agency store, is one of the last ways left to pursue the American dream of owning and operating your own business. Of course, we don’t need to tell you that pursuing this dream can be a tough road to walk for a number of reasons — large organizations like insurance companies have economic clout that a small business owner cannot match, neo-prohibitionists like to demonize our industry in the media, and all too many politicians seem to be intent on tying our hands with regulations and then picking our pockets with taxes.

There is not a lot that an individual business owner can do in the face of all this. However, by joining in unity with other licensed beverage permit holders who care about their profession, there is quite a bit we can do. The Ohio Licensed Beverage Association is the best way of doing that — enabling permit holders to stand together to fight the forces that menace our profession.

Benefits of OLBA Membership

The OLBA offers a number of benefits that will benefit both you as an individual and your profession as a whole.



As a member of the OLBA, you are eligible to participate in our group savings programs to save on Property and Casualty Insurance, Liquor Liability Insurance, Health Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation Premiums for your licensed beverage facility.


The OLBA maintains a strong political presence in the Ohio Statehouse. We have built solid political relationships with a number of key lawmakers, and we intend to use those relationships to fight bills that will hurt permit holders and pass bills that will help our industry. The OLBA is committed to protecting your interests, and we will do so, should that fight take us anywhere from your local city council meeting to the halls of the United States Senate.


The OLBA offers several opportunities to develop your business and staff, including the award winning server training Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) and the annual Buckeye Bar Expo where you can meet industry vendors and sample products and services.


The purpose of the OHIO LICENSED BEVERAGE ASSOCIATION is to the protect and advance the interests and welfare of retail and liquor permit holders in Ohio.


Questions about joining OLBA? Contact us via e-mail form on our contact page or call any of our State Office Staff at (800)678-5995.