About OLBA

The Ohio Licensed Beverage Association

is a membership service organization, representing alcohol beverage permit holders in Ohio. The association exists for the protection of its members through a unified effort and the promotion of the liquor industry in Ohio. The OLBA is the professional association for permit holders.

Owning a tavern, carry-out, or state agency store is one of the last ways left to pursue the American dream of owning and operating your own business. Pursuing this dream can be a tough road to walk for a number of reasons – the economic clout of insurance companies, neo-prohibitionists like to demonize our industry in the media, and all too many politicians seem to be intent on tying our hands with regulations and then picking our pockets with taxes.

There is not a lot that an individual business owner can do in the face of all this. However, by uniting with other licensed beverage permit holders who care about their profession, there is quite a bit we can do. The Ohio Licensed Beverage Association is the best way of doing that – we enable permit holders to stand together to fight the forces that menace our profession. The OLBA offers a number of benefits for both you as an individual and your profession as a whole.

As a member of the OLBA, you are invited to attend quarterly state meetings held in various cities across the state. At quarterly state meetings, the OLBA hosts important state leaders as keynote speakers and often welcomes state representatives who come to address the members at local board meetings. You also have the opportunity to meet other permit holders from across the state to discuss issues which affect the future of the association.