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In addition to the largest bar industry trade show in the Midwest, the Buckeye Bar Expo also provides excellent educational opportunities for all aspects of bar management. These seminar topics have been handpicked to provide valuable training opportunities, information about the latest industry trends and ideas to increase the efficiency and profitability of your establishment. A detailed description of each seminar is included below.


10 a.m.

Techniques of Alcohol Management

Presented by: Max Sorensen, State TAM Coordinator

TAM, as it is commonly referred to as, is the premier server training course for the alcohol industry. The courses main goal is to provide risk management techniques that keep bars safe while ensuring that the energy and ambience of the establishment is not lost. The course focuses on ID verification, the legal requirements facing employees and tools to deal with unruly customers. Not only is the information provided in this course vital to the longevity of your establishment, but it also allows bar owners to outsource the parts of employee training that are so often skipped. The TAM course is the only seminar with a cost ($25 for OLBA members and their staff, $65 for non-members) because the course is provided by a third party.


12 p.m.

Avoiding a Sales Tax Audit

Presented by: Charlie Deibel, Bevinco

Due to the remarkably tight tolerances set by the State of Ohio in regards to variance in the amount of sales tax collected on liquor sales, Chris has created a seminar detailing how to minimize the problems that can plague bars and lead to large lump-sum tax retribution payments. This seminar will provide ways to monitor wasted products and help owners to identify normal conditions and when excessive amounts of product are being lost.


1 p.m.

The Future of Gaming in Bars

Presented by: Kevin Braig, Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick, L.L.P.

This seminar will focus on the ever-changing environment regulating what sort of skill based games bars are allowed to offer in their establishments. Kevin will focus on the benefits, both implicit and explicit, that come by adding games to your establishment. Kevin is also on the forefront of the sports gambling debate in Ohio and his seminar will also touch on what the implementation of sports gambling in Ohio means for bars and taverns.


2 p.m.

Customer Service Skills for Your Staff

Presented by: Robert “Flipper” McGuire, Masters of Bartending

One of the distinguishing factors between a bar that maintains a base of regular customers and one that does not is how the customers are treated by staff; no one wants to be at a bar where they do not feel welcome. Robert’s seminar will focus on how staff can make the most of their interactions with customers without being overbearing as well as tactics to keep customers coming back. This seminar is vital for staff new to the industry and provides an opportunity to learn from an industry master who has won bartending competitions around the country.

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