Changes Coming for Establishments with Skill-Based Amusement Machines 

Changes Coming for Establishments with Skill-Based Amusement Machines 

The summer bar season is a great season on its own, but it is also a prelude to one of the best times of the year to be a bar owner:  Fall.

When the days are still hot and the leaves have not yet fallen off the trees, baseball season heats up and the NFL and college football return from their winter hibernation.  The heart of the sporting calendar draws many to a local tavern, pub, bowling alley or other establishment.

This fall something new that should be of interest to every bar owner will arrive with all of that excitement, although your customers will not know or care anything about it.

In the fall, the Ohio Casino Control Commission’s (OCCC) skill-based amusement machine regulations are likely to become final and effective.  Although a firm date cannot yet be known, it is estimated the OCCC’s regulations will become effective sometime between Labor Day and Halloween.

Under the OCCC’s regulations, every bar that offers its patrons skill-based amusement machines that provide winners with a voucher that can be redeemed for a gas card or other merchandise prize will have to obtain a license from OCCC for its location and at least one key employee.

While regulation does not generate the same excitement in a bar that a big game does, the benefit of this program to bar owners is that it will create an informational database on the state level that may in the future serve as the foundation for an expansion of the types and varieties of games that bar owners are permitted to offer to their patrons.

With a little patience and perhaps a bit of professional assistance, all bar owners should be able to satisfy the OCCC’s new licensing regulations and maintain the skill-based amusement machines that are a component of the relaxing and entertaining atmosphere that Ohio bar owners create for their customers on a daily basis.

Kevin Braig
Kevin P. Braig focuses his practice on agribusiness and environmental compliance and litigation. He has experience representing large scale agricultural operations in the area of livestock permitting and in communicating and negotiating with both state and local governments, neighbors and citizens groups, and other members of the national agribusiness community. Kevin also has experience representing clients in cases involving regulatory issues relating to livestock permitting, water, air, solid and hazardous waste, and underground storage tank compliance and closure. Kevin’s clients are involved in a broad range of businesses, including manufacturing, mineral aggregate mining, road salt handling and distribution, construction, real estate, and transportation. His experience also extends into the gaming arena, with a particular focus on charitable gaming and game software development. Kevin advises clients on issues including registration, record-keeping, licensing and compliance with state and federal law, including the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. He also has defended governmental enforcement actions, and has drafted statutory gaming language for proposed state gaming laws. Kevin's passion for gaming and software development has led to a number of interesting ventures, including the invention and patenting of an electronic system and exchange that enables educational institutions to manage economic risks associated with intercollegiate athletic and educational programs. Kevin also has authored a number of articles relating to both quantitative analysis and regulation in sports, and participates in the LVH Superbook’s NFL handicapping Super Contest in Las Vegas, which is widely considered the premier contest for NFL handicappers. Additionally, he maintains a website dedicated to objectively quantifying and analyzing NFL coaching through the prism of economic Growth Theory. • Professional and Community Affiliations • American Bar Association • American Agricultural Law Association • Ohio State Bar Association • Indian Lake Watershed Project, Board Member • Logan County Neighborhood Outreach, Board Member • Logan County Education Association, Board Member


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